At bin2green, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way producers approach their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations for batteries. Our mission is to collaborate with producers and empower them to fulfill their environmental commitments efficiently and responsibly.

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The platform offers a thorough encompassing of regulations, specifically focusing on packaging, WEEE, and batteries.


Employing artificial intelligence to streamline the process of completing quarterly statements and registration forms, thus reducing the workload.

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Utilizing AI enables us to maintain prices significantly lower than our competitors, thanks to the efficiency gained from reduced workload.

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Only 3 steps are necessary to work with us. Discover how to make sure your regulations are updated. 

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Get in touch with us via our “registration page”. Tell us more about your business and we will send you specific form that you will need to fill in.

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You will need to fill out the form we send you via email. Make sure to fill out correct and precise data, so we can file it to the authorities correctly.


Nothing else is necessary to do on your end. We will handle the rest and make sure to get in touch with you before the end of another quarter to fill out the form again. 

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Communication with local systems

Leverage our wide network and expertise to help you tackle this quickly. Let us deal with the hassle for you.

Quarterly reporting

We will make sure to notify you in advance before every quarterly statement. You won’t miss deadlines anymore.

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As certain regulations necessitate an authorised representative, we are fully equipped to offer you this essential service.​

Key account manager

Each client enjoys a dedicated Key Account Manager for personalized EPR guidance and support.

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If your company wants to fulfill obligations by the batteries act, you can make it by registering to our “registration form”.

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bin2green's registration process left a strong impression on me with its user-friendly nature. In a matter of a few clicks, everything was ready to go. The following task of submitting the quantity via their online form was remarkably smooth and effortless. What's even better, I opted for their custom offer, as I deal exclusively with electronic lamps crafted from concrete.
I'm delighted to express my satisfaction with bin2green's services. Their simple system effortlessly managed compliance complexities, while my dedicated account manager provided crucial personalised guidance. A true solution for saving time on regulations and cost-cutting.
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I want to share my experience with bin2green's services, specifically highlighting the exceptional support I received from their team. During the process, I had the privilege of working with Joe via online teams. His expertise and guidance were invaluable in navigating the complexities and making the most of bin2green's offerings. Having a knowledgeable partner like Joe by my side made all the difference.
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Most frequent questions and answers
  • If so, you should know that you are subject to so-called manufacturer’s liability before they are first placed on the market. This liability means that you are responsible for your goods even after the end of their useful life.
  • Simply put, selling the battery doesn’t stop there for you. It is your legal duty to register, report and ensure their collection, recycling, or further use of batteries.
  • The liability applies both to batteries sold separately and to batteries included or integrated in electronic equipment, industrial applications, car batteries and batteries intended for energy storage or the propulsion of means of transport.

Certainly, bin2green facilitates the collection of all types of batteries. If you have any inquiries or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at XXX.

To ensure a swift and accurate response, we recommend having the following information readily available:

  • Details on the groups, types, and brands of batteries that you are currently or plan to introduce to the market.
  • The anticipated annual quantity or weight of batteries to be placed on the market.
  • Information about the types of electrical equipment or transportation vehicles that incorporate batteries (particularly those integrated into or attached to electrical equipment).

By providing us with this essential information, we can better assist you in navigating your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations and ensure a seamless experience with bin2green.

Finding the necessary information about the batteries you are selling is crucial for fulfilling your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations effectively. Here’s a simple guide on how to gather this information:

  • Supplier Information: Contact your battery suppliers or manufacturers. They should be able to provide you with detailed specifications about the batteries, including their chemistry, capacity, and any hazardous materials they may contain.
  • Product Documentation: Check the product documentation that comes with the batteries you receive from your suppliers. This often includes important information about the batteries, such as technical data sheets and safety data sheets.
  • Product Labels: Examine the labels on the batteries themselves. Labels typically contain information about the battery type, voltage, capacity, and manufacturer. This information is crucial for proper classification.
  • Manufacturer Websites: Many battery manufacturers maintain websites with detailed product information. You can often find specifications, safety information, and data sheets online.
  • Testing and Analysis: In some cases, you may need to perform testing or analysis on the batteries to determine their characteristics. This is especially important for custom or specialized batteries.

Remember that accurate and comprehensive information is vital for fulfilling your EPR obligations. If you have any doubts or require assistance in gathering this information, our team at bin2green is here to help. Please feel free to reach out, and we’ll guide you through the process.

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